Transcendent Tuesday


Transcendent Tuesday

April 26, 2016

Welcome to the first installment of my Blog.

My goal in writing this Blog is to share with you some of my experiences as both a fellow traveler on a spiritual journey, and as a therapist helping others to expand their consciousness and further their personal evolution. Sometimes I will be sharing stories about my own journey and sometimes I will be sharing “stories from the couch”. It may come to you in the form of poetry or prose, it may be my writing or it may be borrowed from others.  Either way, it is meant to stimulate you to think, feel, consider, ponder and evaluate your own journey, and if I am successful, my words will help to activate your own inner light, so that you begin to shine more brightly in the world.

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Transcendent Tuesday

May 3, 2016


The Shamanic View of Illness and Healing:

“The wound is the place where the Light enters you.” ― Rumi
Every one of us has a shadow aspect; the dark and unhealed part of ourselves that we would rather not see, let alone address. However, at some point in
our lives, we may be forced to look at those places buried within us that we fear most.
Nothing brings up our shadow like a good old-fashioned personal crisis. Whether it’s a physical illness or an unexpected intrapersonal challenge, we all have a choice. We can either reject the jolting revelation of our shadow side, or we can reframe it as a catalyst for achieving a balanced life.
Consider this radical notion: what is “wrong” can also be medicine in and
of itself.
We typically regard crisis as something negative, to be avoided or fought. Yet many non-Western cultures see it differently. Since ancient times, people in the Amazon have regarded dis-ease as the mother of healing, pregnant with opportunities for us to evolve, embrace the sacred, and choose the spirit path to wellness.
They believe that diseases are the messengers of Mother Nature, sent to humanity as teachers that can bring us closer to nature and back to into our source, or center. The shamans work with disease, not against it, listening for a specific message the illness is trying to relate to the patient: What is it that must be confronted, changed, or healed on an emotional or spiritual level?
Once these underlying wounds are acknowledged, something remarkable happens to the patient. In the words of shaman Roman Hanis, “When the individual has learned the deep lessons their disease has to teach them, they are re-birthed into a new, higher-evolved life.”
Reprinted from “The Sacred Science”


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