Cellular Expansion and Healing

What is Cellular Expansion and Healing?

Cellular and Expansion and Healing is a form of Energy (Vibrational) Medicine that releases old ways of thinking, feeling and being in the body  that contribute to pain, contraction and disease.  Thoughts, beliefs, feelings and habitual body contractions are all patterns deeply etched in the cellular memory of the body, including the cells of the central nervous system, organs, muscles and bones. When a person experiences Cellular Expansion (CE) in the hands of a trained practitioner, the cells fill with this energy (also known as light) and begin to expand. This expansion brings about the possibility of change in those deeply held patterns of thoughts, beliefs, feelings and body contractions.


How is Cellular Expansion and Healing Performed?

Cellular Expansion and Healing is performed on a fully clothed body lying comfortably on a treatment table. The patient states their intention for the session (what they would like to see happen (for example, healing an organ, overcoming depression or anxiety, or gaining awareness or insight into a particular problem). Using a very light touch, the practitioner passes Cellular Expansion energy (light) through his/her hands into the patient’s body. Using a number of hand positions, energy (light) flows into and through the entire body, awakening the possibility of change at the cellular level. A CE session can also be conducted at a distance.
Each session takes approximately 45 to 50 minutes and should be followed by rest and ideally, a hot soak in apple-cider vinegar water within 24 hours of the session.  This facilitates the release of toxins and stagnant energy from the body.

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