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The classes and courses offered by Center for Holistic Therapy.

Universal Shamanism in the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition


After having completed two years of training with don Oscar Miro Quesada, a Curandero Shaman and adept in the kamasca tradition of Northern Peru, we are pleased to announce that shamanic practices are being integrated into our work at the Center for Holistic Therapy.   Since its first unveiling in North America in 1986, the …

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Transforming the Personality

Transforming the Personality is a 6-month personal growth and spiritual development group designed to: Develop awareness and consciousness around areas of restriction in one’s personality. Develop greater mental flexibility and openness to change. Develop skill in learning to “let go” of old patterns of consciousness, beliefs and emotional reactivity. Use meditation to transform old patterns …

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Cranio-Sacral Techniques For Massage Therapists

A class for Massage Therapists to learn the basics of CranioSacral Therapy: Learn to feel the Cranial Rhythm Learn to release soft tissue restrictions in the body Learn to induce a Still Point in the Cranial Rhythm Learn to assess for, and release restrictions in the CranioSacral System This course will focus on integrating CranioSacral …

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Awakening The Light Body

A Meditation Course This course follows the “Awakening the Light Body” curriculum as developed by Duane Packer and Sanaya Roman, who channel the Beings of Light, Orin and Daben.   ( Your “Light Body” is an energy body that is closer to your soul than your chakras.  You have ten vibrational energy body centers that …

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