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Welcome to the Center for Holistic Therapy and the healing practice of Kimberly June and Associates. Here you will find information on methods of healing that are beyond the scope of traditional “medicine” that can provide extraordinary relief from physical and emotional pain.

True healing is a physical, emotional and spiritual journey.  At the Center for Holistic Therapy, I hope to be the catalyst, guide and witness to your journey toward wholeness.  My goal always is to help you discover that you are a Spiritual Being of Light having an extraordinary and joyful Human experience!

At the Center for Holistic Therapy, I believe the human organism, as designed by Creator, has the ability to self-heal.  I work with cutting-edge alternative therapies, energy modalities, shamanic and higher guidance to assist those who are called to work with me, in finding their wholeness and expanding into their greatest potential.

My office is in the McMurray, PA area, in the south hills of Pittsburgh.

About Kimberly

kimberly June pic 400htKimberly June, LCSW, LMT is a Transpersonal Psychotherapist, Medical Hypnotherapist, Craniosacral Therapist, Hellinger Family Constellation Facilitator, Integrative Body Worker and Energy Healer in private practice in the South Hills of Pittsburgh.  Kimberly has trained extensively in the integration of different therapeutic modalities in order to facilitate healing and integration of the body, mind and spirit.  Kimberly is also a medical intuitive/empath which enhances her work with clients.  Kimberly is a Board Certified Diplomate in Clinical Social Work and a Licensed Massage Therapist.  She is also a Continuing Education Provider for both Clinical Social Work and Massage Therapy licensure in the state of Pennsylvania.  She has taught continuing education courses at the University of Pittsburgh School of Social Work and through the Center for Holistic Therapy.

Kimberly is a student of Tibetan Buddhist meditation and teaches the “Awakening the Light Body” meditation curriculum;  She is the first such teacher to offer the curriculum as both a pathway of personal transformation and a psychotherapeutic treatment model.

After 8 years of study with Don Oscar Miro-Quesada, Kamasqa Curandero and Altomisayoq from the northern regions of Peru, Kimberly is now a sanctioned teacher in the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition of Cross-Cultural Shamanism.  Kimberly is available to teach in-person shamanic apprenticeships around the world.

Contact Kimberly at (724) 531-7219 or holistictherapy36@yahoo.com


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Soul Tapping

Soul Tapping is a therapeutic modality that combines Sacred Geometry with EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique or Tapping), BreathWork, and TFT (Thought Field Therapy).  Soul Tapping is used to identify and treat disorders of cognitive and emotional functioning that are associated with trauma, anxiety, depression and emotional pain associated with …

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Holistic Psychotherapy

My psychotherapeutic approach is to offer a holistic, eclectic and flexible, trauma-informed psychotherapy, with training that is grounded in Cognitive Behavioral, Jungian and Gestalt Psychology theoretical backgrounds. Energy Psychology (Emotional Freedom Technique and Thought Field Therapy) which is combined with EMDR is often used to treat the emotional and physical sequelae of trauma. I consider …

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UPCOMING SHAMANIC APPRENTICESHIP – The Pachakuti Mesa Tradition 5-Part Foundational Training

Cross-Cultural Shamanic Arts for Personal and Planetary Renewal Do you seek harmony, health and community in your life? Wishing to experience a deeper relationship with nature and unseen realms? Are you called to a path of healing service? “I highly recommend this apprenticeship to anyone, beginner or advanced, wishing to connect to a living lineage …

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